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World in a Shell catalogues

For The World in a Shell project a catalogue has been published, chronicling everything from concept to technical details, location presentation, background information and reflections. Because of the dynamic and long-term nature of the project, the decision was made not to hard-bind the catalogue but keep it loose-leaved for later content additions. The initial print includes 72 pages, to be expanded to a maximum of 372 by the project's end. Each of the 4 sections is defined by colour codes. Pages within each section may be sorted according to the reader's preference. Every sheet of paper has it's own beginning and end. The format is 297mm x 297mm printed on recycled Dutch Ivory Board FSC 250g paper. The packaging box for the   loose-leaved system fits in a "postbag" made from recycled tent material.

Published by Blindpainters Foundation. It is a limited edition of 1250, ISBN 978-94-90795-01-6.

Costs are 99 euro excluding shipping costs.

Please have a look at the sample pages further down on this page.

This is an attempt to generate some micro-finance for the project. If you decide to support the project you can fill in your contact details and we will let you know the transfer possibilities.


World in a Shell - polliniferous project catalogues

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