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The World in a Shell project will go on a journey around the globe, where it will visit diverse geographical regions, experience extremely different climates, and come into contact with a wide range of peoples and cultures.

Along it's journey The World in a Shell will gather information and stories from its surroundings. Functioning as a "treasure box", the project will document the peoples, cultures, living conditions and natural surroundings of these locations.

The essence of everything that takes place in and around the World in a Shell will thus be captured and stored in the form of unique objects, recordings and ideas. These will then be shown to people along the journey so that, figuratively speaking, through the collected "treasures" people will be able to travel back- and forwards to the World in a Shell's locations and interact with the communities there.

Through the Internet, people from all over the world can connect to the World in a Shell and follow or become actively part of the adventure. As a living World Heritage site, the World in a Shell will also be exhibited in museums and biennales during the course of the project.

The locations and peoples:

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Ghanzi, Botswana - Khoe-San / Bushman
Ilulissat, Greenland - Inuit
Mörön, Mongolia - Mongols
Kuk, Papua New Guinea - Papuas
Quésso, Congo - Pygmies
Puyo, Ecuador - Shuar
Muang Paktha, Laos - Lahu
Balalae/Shortland, Solomon Islands - Melanesians
Oualâta, Mauritania - Moors
Rajasthan, India - Rajastani
Queensland, Australia - Aboriginals


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