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Dates of Exhibitions and Events

The World in a Shell at the Amsterdam Culturpark Westergasfabriek
12 September to 3 October 2010

"Spaceship lands in Westerpark" was an eye catcher on the large grass field at the Cultuurpark. Within the framework of PICNIC the project was aiming to make a difference in the approach to meet its obligation as a source for inspiration rather then a tool for idea hunters and network maniacs. Wherefore actors have been staged to create a relaxed and familiar atmosphere while drawing visitors into philosophical discussions. It created an environment where the spectators became a part of the exhibition themselves.

Especially on weekends the project was drawing crowds of visitors driven by curiosity asking the question "what is it?". The visitors who did not bring time enough for one or the other reason, rushed through the exhibition and on exit commented "i don't understand it, but I like it!"



WiaS at the Westerpark in Amsterdam

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The World in a Shell at the MuseumPark in Rotterdam
Hosted by the NAI and V2_
26 March to 18 April 2010

The World in a Shell was for the first time exhibited in Rotterdam in collaboration with the NAi, the Dutch national architecture institute and museum, and V2_, an interdisciplinary centre for art and media technology. With hundreds of visitors every day, also outside the normal museum opening hours, the exhibition was a success. For an impression of the visitors appreciation of the project have a look at the visitor library on the website.

During the exhibition a seminar, workshop and “A walk in the invisible city” were organised as special events to highlight the context and aims of the project. The seminar on the collaboration between science and the arts had as keynote speakers Ute Meta Bauer from the MIT in the USA and Han Brezet from the TU Delft with as moderator professor Robert Zwijnenberg of the University of Leiden. The seminar was streamed live through the internet and audio visually recorded. It can be viewed online at the Website of V2_ or as excerpts on you tube. On the website of V2_ one can find also more information on the workshop with N55 artists Ion Sørvin and Anne Romme and on the urban adventure walk in the invisible city through Rotterdam.


WiaS at the MuseumPark hosted by the NAI and V2_

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